Ye Old Ferrie Inn Walks

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We are now offering guided adventures from Ye Old Ferrie Inn, on the banks of the river Wye in Symonds Yat.

The Price includes a £15 lunch voucher which you can use to pay for food and a drink in the pub after the walk.

We leave from the YOFI doorstep at 10:00am. We have several dates to choose from this year, and if doesn’t suit your schedule you can request a specific date to fit your travel plans.

Please look below for a more detailed description of the walks on offer, then select one you would like to join & the date below:





This moderate walk will take you to two of the great highlights of the area

3-4 hrs / 10km

Min age 12

We will wander up thought the heavily wooded valley sides to discover caves & a huge Iron Age hill fort. The hill fort was once the eastern most point of the Celtic kingdom of the Silures, the tribe were so fierce & powerful they managed to hold the Roman Legions at bay for over 30 Years.

The next stop is Arthur’s Cave, the legendary Celtic King gets lots of mentions around here, but I doubt he ever visited! The cave sits high above the river & was occupied periodically by humans since the stone age. Excavations have discovered the bones of beaver, wolf, reindeer, mammoth & even a skeleton of a giant human!  After a brief pause to talk about this mystery, we will descend back to the riverbank to cross Biblins bridge, head north to Symonds Yat east & return via the hand ferry.


2-3 hrs / 7km

A moderate walk to one of the most spectacular views in the area!

Min age 12

We begin the walk by crossing the hand ferry to Symonds Yat East & climb up though ancient beech woods as we leave the river behind. After a steady pull up we will eventually arrive at Yat Rock, this triangular outcrop of rock was once a hill fort providing sanctuary for its iron age residents, it’s easy to see why they chose this spot high above the river as it first flows north then loops south into the narrow gorge below.

The site also a great vantage point to watch the resident pairs of peregrine falcons, other birds of prey & yes Ravens! as they hunt along the sheer cliff faces. We will return to the start via an extensive network of small tracks, pausing often to find hidden outcrops of rock that offer more amazing views of the river below.


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